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Yet another successful export for Genesus UK to China



Genesus delivers 900 breeding pigs to Taiyu (Tycoon) Breeding Pig Co., Ltd., China



Genesus Multiplier in the Ukraine takes pigs from UK soil


On the 21st of December 2019, the first official supply contract of Genesus breeding stock to Ukraine was finalized with a delivery of 749 York gilts, 7 York boars and 6 Landrace boars to the isolation farm of “Agrarna Kompaniya 2004” located in the Chervoniy Kut village of Khmelnytskyi region.

The unit will produce pure Genesus York gilts and boars, as well as F1 gilts. At least 50% of the gilts will be used by “Agrarna Kompaniya 2004” as they plan an expansion of their own swine business (currently the customer has 4000 Danish sows that will be replaced by Genesus breeding stock). 

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Genesus nucleus herd using EID to track piglets from birth


Pig farmer and vet Charlie Thompson, Bridge House Farm, says EID is a tool he could not live without – it is helping him to manage breeding decisions, monitor performance and locate pigs with 100% accuracy.​ Take a look at the full article here

Farmers Weekly Pig Farmers of the Year Using Genesus Breed Line

If there is one couple who know what they want and will achieve it, it is Lee and Geraldine Chafer. Sheer hard work and determination has allowed them to turn an initial £10,000 investment five years ago into a profitable and thriving 300-sow farrow-to-finish business.

The Judges said “With a lot of focus, hard work and determination, the Chafers have established a thriving and profitable pig business with just a £10,000 investment. Their genetic line means they have phenomenal production figures.”

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Pig Farmers of the Year 2019

Latest Prize Winner

Mr Peter Woodall AI winner recipient of 20 doses of duroc semen